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Chief Patron: Shri Anil Shastri, Special Invitee, Congress Working Committee (CWC), Patron: Amitabh Lall, Advisor: D K Mazumdar, President: Dr P K Maheshwari, Vice Presidents: Amlan Das and A K Dikshit, General Secretary: Dr D S Chauhan, Organising Secretary: A K S Chauhan, Treasurer: Milind K Gupte, Zonal Secretaries: Mithileshwar Jha (North), Rajesh Kumar Meena (Central), Shrikant Zhambre (West), Ranjit Kumar Sinha (South), Sanjay Kumar Gupta (East), A K Gogoi (North East), Executive Committee Members: Ganesh, P C Suresh Babu, Hemant Patil, Manojit Biswas, N C Parikh and Smt. Urvashi Garg

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Appeal to Members by GS

Dear Members,

I have read with anguish a few (to be precise two emails – one by Sri Dhingra and other one by an unknown sender) on the retirement of our our ex-chairman Sri Prakash Bakshi. Though Sri Dhingraji's email can be viewed as a belated but dignified expression of his pain and anguish the other email by the unknown sender leaves an utterly bitter and bad taste. 
NBOA feels that any NABARDIAN should not (even in most stressed conditions) cross the line of decency and dignity. 
NBOA not only disowns and distances itself from such uncalled for and unwarranted expressions of thought but appeals to all to maintain cordiality and dignity in our day to day behavior/s. 

Dr D S Chauhan 
General Secretary

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