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Chief Patron: Shri Anil Shastri, Special Invitee, Congress Working Committee (CWC), Patron: Amitabh Lall, Advisor: D K Mazumdar, President: Dr P K Maheshwari, Vice Presidents: Amlan Das and A K Dikshit, General Secretary: Dr D S Chauhan, Organising Secretary: A K S Chauhan, Treasurer: Milind K Gupte, Zonal Secretaries: Mithileshwar Jha (North), Rajesh Kumar Meena (Central), Shrikant Zhambre (West), Ranjit Kumar Sinha (South), Sanjay Kumar Gupta (East), A K Gogoi (North East), Executive Committee Members: Ganesh, Dr P C Suresh Babu, Hemant Patil, Manojit Biswas, N C Parikh and Smt. Urvashi Garg

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Letter to AINBEA- formation of Coordination Committee

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Attn: Unit Secretaries- Lunch hour demonstration- letter to office

Dear Unit Secretary ,
You are requested to submit a letter to the bank as per the following draft on the captioned subject. It is also notified that we shall be holding the lunch hour demo on 20/01/2017 independently under the banner of AINBOA as the discussions with AINBEA on holding joint organisational protests and moves are still inconclusive. We will keep the units informed on priority basis as and when any worthy development on part of settlement of charter and our coordination with AINBEA is reached upon.
(Dr D S Chauhan)
General Secretary



Ref No.:

Chief General Manager/OIC

Dear Sir,

                                              Lunch Hour Demonstration on 20/01 and 27/01/2017

As you may be aware that AINBOA is anguished and agitated on the issue of inordinate delay in the settlement of its Charter of Demands (2012-17).  The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of AINBOA has met at Hyderabad on 06/01/2017 and has resolved to proceed ahead on agitation in protest of this inordinate delay and to press for immediate settlement of the charter of demands (2012-17). In this context, we wish to inform you that it has been decided to hold a lunch hour demonstration by all the officers/ members of AINBOA on 20/01/2017 and 27/01/2017. As such all the officers shall be observing lunch break on 20/01/2017 and 27/01/2017 between____PM to____ and partake in the demonstration under the aegis of AINBOA during the time slot indicated above.
You are requested to apprise the Chairman, NABARD, HO, Mumbai of our sentiments.

Yours Sincerely,


Action Plan- Charter of Demand (2012-17)

Charter of Demand (2012-17)
Organisational Steps as approved by CEC meeting on 06 Jan 2017 at Hyderabad

> 20/01/2017 - Lunch hour Demo

> 27/01/2017- Lunch Hour Demo

> 03/02/2017 Onwards - Black badge wearing

> 10/02/2017 to 17/10/2017 - Dharna by Office Bearers and members (by rotation) before and after the office hours

> 27/02/2017 - Mass casual Leave by all the officers

> 27/02/2017 Onwards- Work to Rule and boycott of work related to Rupay KCC, POS Machines, digitisation, and special audit of DCCBs/PACS

> 27/02/2017 - Serving of notice to bank for striking work on 30/03/2017 and 31/03/2017.

> 10/03/2017- Memorandum to Hon'ble PM

> 17/03/2017 - Dharna at Jantar Mantar

> 06:30 pm on 25/03/2017 till 06:30 AM on 28/03/2017 - Relay hunger strike at each RO

> 30/03/2017 and 31/03/2017 - Total Strike

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Response to AINBEA's letter

All India National Bank Officers’ Association(AINBOA)C/o NABARD, HO, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai


The General Secretary
All India NABARD Employees Association
BKC, Mumbai

Dear General Secretary,

7th Bi-partite Wage Settlement

Please refer to your letter dated 12/01/20047 on the captioned subject whereby you have called upon AINBOA to join hands with AINBEA in achieving our mutual organisational goals. We welcome your stand on the issue and we, like in the past, are all for a coordinated and joint action/ effort on the captioned issue.

You may be aware that AINBOA too is making efforts and pressing for early settlement of its charter of demands (2012-17) and we too have chalked out an elaborate program starting 20/01/2017.

Therefore it would be in fitness of things and in the interest of NABARD, its officers and its employees if both the associations can synergise their resources and resolve to jointly proceed ahead on the matter.

We, therefore propose to put in place a ‘Coordination Committee’ comprising of office bearers of AINBEA and AINBOA to formalize the things.

With fraternal Greetings

Yours Sincerely,


(Dr D S Chauhan)
General Secretary


(Reg. NO. BY II-8015)
Plot C 24, G Block, A wing, Bandra- Kurla Complex, Bandra €, Mumbai- 400051


The General Secretary
All India NABARD Officers’ Association
C/o NABARD, Head Office
Bandra- Kurla Complex

Dear Friend

7th Bi-partite Wage Settlement

As you are aware All India NABARD Employees’ Association (AINBEA), signed a draft settlement on 05th July 2016 on wage and service conditions of Group B & C staff. The draft settlement and proposals regarding the wage revision of officers of NABARD got approved in the Board of Directors of NABARD on 13th July 2016. It was sent to Government of India for approval on 22nd July 2016.

We have waited for around five months for the final approval of the Government and settlement. But it did not happen and AINBEA was forced to go on agitation from 29th November 2016. We already had four rounds of demonstrations. AINBEA held its Office Bearers Meeting at Mumbai on 11th and 12nd January 2017, we had detailed discussions on the issues and decided to step up our agitational programme to the next level. We had decided to have a March to Parliament on 07th February 2017 and a One Day Strike during last week of March 2017 alongwith other agitational programmes.

We feel that it is better to have coordinated joint action by both our Associations in the coming days on this issue in the large interest of the institution and the entire staff of NABARD. We hope, you will understand the spirit of this letter and we can go ahead in a coordinated movement.

With greetings

Fraternally yours

(V K Bhosle)
General Secretary

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Central Executive Committee Resolution No.1/ 06012017

Central Executive Committee (CEC) of AINBOA, met on 06.01.2017 at Hyderabad and has unanimously resolved as under:

The CEC has urged upon the bank to settle the Charter of Demands (2012-17) immediately as discussed with AINBOA and approved by NABARD’s Board of Directors and forwarded to the Government of India on 22.07.2016.

The CEC has also resolved that in case the Charter of Demands (2012-17) is not settled and implemented in the bank by 31.01.2017, AINBOA will be constrained to initiate organisational steps to including work to rule, proceeding on mass casual leave and eventually striking the work. In case of such an eventuality, the sole responsibility will vest with the bank.

The CEC also decided to forward this resolution to NABARD for information and to register its protest and anguish towards inordinate delay in settlement of Charter of Demands (2012-17).


Dr D S Chouhan
General Secretary


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Status of Writ Petition on Merger Case in Mumbai High Court

Dear Friends,

The WRP 2872/ 2012 was called for hearing yesterday, 23.11.2016 in Mumbai High Court. The hearing lasted for one and half hours.

Association’s advocate, Shri Sandeep V Marne submitted our arguments before the hon’ble court. He had explained the two merger took place in NABARD and the different considerations seniority in both the occasions. He added that the merger was made in accordance with a mere policy change and no amendment was made to the rule and as such approval from RBI and Central Govt. was not obtained and explained (i) the issues of putting Economics services in  the top of the seniority list and (ii) reduction of chances of promotion.

Our counsel had empathetically argued that Supreme Court decision on the merger are clear that the merged entities are always placed below the existing employee of parent cadre in so much as to maintain interest in seniority at the time of entry in the organisation.

The bank has argued that the merger was put in place to bring uniformity in the promotion policy as well as to deregularise divisions like, TSD, Rajbhasha, Economics, legal, etc. Other explanation was, these divisions were not part of the NABARD’s major role- rural development. Further it was also said that the merger had increased the scope of promotions! There was also a mention that not a single officer, who has switched over form TSD is in service after 2015.

Hon’ble Judges, Shri Dharmadhikari and Shri Colabawalla had closed the hearing and announced the order will be issued later.

Since the hearing is over, lets hope for a favourable order soon.

Lets stand together,

AINBOA Zindabad!

P.S. The copy of the affidavit submitted by us in court can be accessed at the following link


Friday, 11 November 2016

Appeal to Prime Minister

AINBOA. No.   12 /2016-17       11 November 2016
Dear Friends
It has been decided  to submit a Memorandum, signed by the all the officers of the Bank to Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji and Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitleyji  for their intervention for early settlement of wage revision (Pay and Allowances).
 Secretaries of all the Units  are requested to please ensure that each member of the unit sign the memorandum including DDMs, if possible, as per the format indicated below.  The scanned copy of the signed memorandum may please  be forwarded to the NBOA Mumbai unit email id  by 5.00 P.M. on 17 November 2016 (Thursday). The hard copy of the signed memorandum may also be forwarded to the Organizing Secretary for our record. 
You are also requested not to put Sr. No. as  the  same will be put  in by Mumbai once we receive signed memorandum from all the units.
All Zonal Secretaries may kindly ensure the completion signature campaign in their respective Zones as per schedule.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
(Dr. AKS Chauhan)
Organizing Secretary
Encl : One

Friday, 4 November 2016

Meeting with Top Management – Charter of Demands – 04.11.2016

Office bearers of AINBOA led by President called on the Chairman, DMDs, and CGM HRMD on 4 November 2016. After the introductory remarks by the Organizing Secretary, the President expressed his anxiety, on behalf of AINBOA, over the delay in revision of pay and allowances of officers of NABARD.
Top Management also agreed to the concern expressed by the AINBOA over the delay and said that they are making all out efforts to expedite the issue at the Ministry level for getting their approval. The Chairman indicated that he was confident that the charter will be settled as per the aspirations of AINBOA. The members are requested to refrain from floating of unnecessary and uncalled rumours.
President thanked the Management for deferring the shifting of officers to New Officers Quarter at Naya Raipur and form a Joint Committee to look into the matter. The Chairman expressed that all necessary infrastructure has been made available and at least Senior Officers can shift to new quarters. He also said if officers want additional support such as security, medical, etc can be provided. AINBOA expressed the likely difficulties which arise if officers are shifted to Naya Raipur irrespective of the fact that whether they are seniors or juniors and requested the Management to considerate and sympathetic view on the matter.
AINBOA while expressing thanks to the Management for having a sensitive and judicious view on the appeals made by the officers in respect of their PARs and brought to the notice of the Management that there are still few cases especially from West Bengal and
Jharkhand ROs having serious implications on the career of the officers which requires an early look so that undeserving remarks are expunged and ratings are restored.
General Secretary would be visiting Mumbai on 9th November 2016 to address the retired officers of NABARD and firm up our organizational steps with all India officer bearers to expedite settlement of charter of demands. The details will be communicated to all the units.

Letter to Bank on Naya Raipur Issue


AINBOA No.     /2016-17             01  November   2016

The Chief General Manager
HRMD, Head Office

Dear Sir
Occupation of 54 flats & 6 Bungalows at Naya Raipur

Please refer to the Endt. No.H-1696 dated 26 October 2016 received from DPSP on the captioned subject.  In this connection, we submit the following for your consideration.
AINBOA is not in agreement with the content and spirit of DPSP letter.     Though the Bank has indicated that the financial resource have already been spent and therefore property cannot be let unoccupied “ endlessly”, the AINBOA had indicated that at present and in near future all facilities required for conducive living that is Security, transportation, health related services, distance from markets/Schools, etc. are not available.  It was also pointed out that property is located outside municipal limit, very sparsely populated and none of the Corporate Body have occupied their residential units.  In view of the above,  it may  not be possible for officers to shift immediately. 

So, as a first measure Bank should put on hold shifting of officers. Meanwhile, Bank will inspect the site along with the representatives of AINBOA and further action may be decided as per the committee Report.
Accordingly,  AINBOA shall be nominating one of its representativesto the Committee.

Please confirm.

Yours faithfully

(Dr. AKS Chauhan)
Organizing Secretary

Copy to: The CGM,DPSP, NABARD, HO, Mumbai for information pl.