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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Revival of Off Shore Destination under LTC Scheme in NABARD


Head Office                                                    

Respected Sir,

Off Shore Destinations under LTC Scheme

Please refer to our earlier letters dated 02/05/2014, 26/05/2014 and 01/08/2014  on the captioned issue.

In this regards, we again reiterate our request on the subject as under –

1.    Consequent upon the discussions held between management and AINBOA leading to settlement of the last charter of demands, it was decided upon that Pay, Allowances and Perks including LTC facility of NABARD officers shall be at par with that prevailing in RBI. That this decision was reached as a well laid down practice of last 30 years which is backed by provisions in NABARD Act and NABARD Staff rules.  You have been kind to honour this aspect of our service conditions and barring LTC, you have ensured that, by and large our service conditions remains at par with that of RBI. In our letters dated 02/05/2014, 26/05/2014 and 01/08/2014 on the captioned subject we have requested your goodself to ensure that our LTC facility also remains at par with that as prevailing in RBI.

2.    RBI, as per the latest decision taken by its Board of directors, has decided to continue to allow its officers to avail LTC for off-shore destination as hitherto after bringing in some peripheral modification to their LTC scheme in tune with the CVC advisory on the issue received by them.

3.    We,  therefore,  once again earnestly request you to restore the off-shore travel facility under NABARD LTC rules on similar lines so as to make it at par with the LTC facility being provided at RBI.

Thanking you and with Regards

Yours Sincerely,
(Dr. D. S. Chauhan)                                
General Secretary

Harassment of Officer/s at Pune RO by District Administration - Election duty


02 March 2014
The Chairman
Head Office                           

Respected Sir ,

Continued Harassment of Officer/s at Pune RO by District Administration-Election Duty

Please refer to our letter dated 26/09/2014 on the captioned subject requesting your good offices to intervene favourably in the matter of harassment being meted out to officers of Maharshtra RO, Pune by the district/state administration.

We are pained to note that inspite of the fact that more than 5 months have elapsed the officers concerned are still running from pillar to post to get the Case/FIR closed. The matter of fact remains that as per CEC, GoI, notification itself officers/employees of Financial Institution, that includes NABARD, are exempted from being drawn up for election duties as a matter of routine.  CEC, GoI guidelines also make it very clear that officers/employees who are aged and suffering from severe health related problems are to be exempted from election duties.  In the instant case NABARD, Pune has communicated to the  Election Officer (who has requisitioned the services of three officers by NAME- Mr R L Sahane, AGM,  Ashish Mokashi, Mgr and N V Nimje, AM.) that keeping in view the office exigencies and non availability of officer (as Mr Nimje has gone abroad) and the high age profile and health related aspects ( Mr Sahane being aged 60 years and due for retirement in November 2014) it is not possible for NABARD to depute them.  Subsequently, on insistence from EO, NABARD did depute Mr Mokashi and Mr Pathak in lieu of Mr Sahane, still the EO, in a brazen display of high handedness has not allowed the two officers to take up the election duty and instead, reportedly lodged an FIR under malice against the officers (MR Sahane, Mr Mokashi and Mr Nimje) and kept the two officers under illegal confinement at the Police Station (even the copy of the FIR was not provided to officers or to NABARD). The officers are continued to be hounded by the district authorities and are made to feel like as if they have committed some heinous crime. The matter has also been reported in the local media and the image of NABARD has been painted in a bad taste. What is more painful and deplorable is that Pune RO remains a passive spectator to all this and the officers are left to fend for themselves.  Needless to say that officers at Pune in specific and all over the country in general are highly aggrieved by this incident.

We, therefore, request your intervention at the highest levels to ward off such personal attacks on the institution as also on NABARD officers and also solicit all legitimate assistance i.e. services of a lawyer and other legal remedies to our officers at Pune.

Yours Sincerely ,
(Dr D S Chauhan)
General Secretary

Career Progression for Grade 'F' Officers in NABARD


02 March 2014
The Chairman
Head Office                           

Respected Sir ,

Career Progression for Grade ‘F’ Officers in NABARD

Please refer to our correspondence resting with your good offices on the captioned subject, with specific reference to the restoring of EDs post in  our organisation.  It has come to our knowledge that GoI has taken a decision to bifurcate the posts of CMDs into Chairman and MD/CEO in PSUs including banks and in the circumstances the GoI is not favourably inclined to restore EDs posts in NABARD, now that DMDs have already been appointed.

Sir, you will agree that in the present dispensation there is no avenues left for the CGMs of our organization, in so far as the career progression is concerned.  Many of our CGMs have put in more than 3 to 5 years of services in the present grade/cadre and they have still quite a few years left for them to attain superannuation.  This will gradually result in some sort of frustration setting in at the top most levels of organization and this may not be in the best of the interest of the organization.

We therefore request your goodself to kindly consider adopting the system which has been adopted by RBI quite a few years back i.e. the senior grade ‘F’ officers in RBI are either designated as Regional Directors (OICs of the bigger ROs) or as Principal CGMs (as department in-charges at HO). Sir, this step of the bank will result in mitigating the situation which the organisation is currently facing and will also be a long term measure on the issue.

Thanking You 

Yours Sincerely ,
(Dr D S Chauhan)
General Secretary

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Likely Questions contd........

1. Medical Scheme – Recent changes
2. IDD – New activities / items
3. Balance Sheet : RIDF deposits
4. 2 major achievements in their district (for DDMs)
5. Without any technical background are facing any problem in the district.
6. Is any share capital is ifused for NABARD in Budget
7. What are the funds allocated to NABARD in the budget
8. Difference between front office, back office and mid office
9. Components of KCC
10. How MEDP is useful, has it helped
11. REDPs success rate
12. Which section you are mostly working
13. Who is the funding agency under UPNRM
14. Why are NPAs increasing in UPNRM ? is it OK
15. What are the measures do we take to reduce NPAs
16. When we have watershed programmes in Gujarat, why do we require UPNRM
17. What is the recent name change for NFS
18. How are the UPNRM loans different from OFDD Loans
19. What is the recent change in NFS policy
20. What is size of our balance sheet
21. What is ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’? how will it improve Ntl and state econom?
22. Dormancy of FCs – reasons
23. Jan Dhan Yojana
24. Various funds of NABARD
25. Administrative charges for subsidy schemes
26. Why are farmers are reluctant for insurance
28. Which Fund for infrastructure innovations
29. Whether budget any fund allocation fro WIF this year
30. If no above (29) future of warehouse financing
31. What is margin for giving subsidy in ICD?
32. Whether we sell PLP, is there demand
33. GLC collection, whether we get activitywise
34. Can I ask you about AMC contract
35. Int. rate about DOR
36. What are the business target for RO
37. New activities in RIDF
38. How cropping intensity is increased
39. Sources of funds for Ho operations
40. Achievements in district
41. SAMIS rate for submission and uality of submission
42. Rates of interest in ICd
44. Strengths amd weakness of Tripura
45. Board of Directors, presently how much?
46. 2 achievements noted in the proceedings of BSM.
47. Method of dealing Parliament Questions?
48. RTI experience in Mumbai
49. Notable achievement in Gujarat
50. What are the procedures involved in conducting training programme
51. Who are the members of JMC and how JMV of rural godowns are conducted.
What steps are taken in the case of deficiencies.
52. What are the highlights of your district
53. Latest project – financial inclusion
55. Status of farmers clubs in your district
56. Position of Banks in district
57. Position of LDB
58. How you monitor RIDf projects
59. How LDB profit can be less
60. RIDF- How funds are coming
61. Interest diffenrential How is worked out
62. Where it was going
63. Other funds where now it is going
64. Coop. Bank status in district- Goa
65. New funds announced for Budget wherefrom funds will come
66. Efforts put in by DDM for cooperative banks
67. Wadi How many in the district
68. Composition of wadi- Set up
69. Major Crops in district
70. RMD – dsk worked
71. Business propsects in surat
72. About previous NE state
73. Investments of NABARd-B/s
74. RIDF – lending route
75. RIDF – Ripple effect – success story
76. How Surat CCN is lending at 0%
77. Krishi (Mela) Bazaar
78. Why so many tag districts in Gujarat

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Likely Questions in Interviews



  1. Career growth in NABARD
  2. Farmers Producer Organization .what
  3. Difference between working of present and past centre
  4. Whether AMI still exist
  5. Major and minor of your graduation
  6. Strategies to mobilize good business in NABCONS
  7. Perception of NABCONS in coming years
  8. How many activities in RIDF
  9. What are the sources of deposits (RIDF, STCRC, STRCC, LT)
  10. New fund allocation by GoI to NABARD
  11. Cap on rural connectivity projects
  12. NABARD initiative in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  13. Reasons for delay in disbursement in SPD
  14. Suggestions to improvement in remittance of inflow to HO.
  15. Planning agriculture growth rate coming down
  16. Way to increase capital formation at ground level
  17. Stagnation in food grain production, reasons & suggestions
  18. Public & private investment in agriculture
  19. NABARD role in capital formation
  20. Aligarh model of farmers club
  21. Other initiatives in district
  22. JLG
  23. Financial health of RRB/ DCCB of district
  24. Initiatives in FITF in district
  25. Major activities in district
  26. ePayment in KCC
  27. share of agriculture in GDP vis a vis work force, reasons & suggestions
  28. difference between eastern and western up
  29. relevance of PLP
  30. Major interventions in district
  31. Issues in Poultry
  32. Difference in previous job and present job organization
  33. PLP to be priced publication or not
  34. Is there any demand for PLP
  35. Types of irrigation structure in district
  36. Difficulties in district positive and negative features
  37. Initiatives in district. Your achievement
  38. Difference between micro finance and micro credit
  39. Status of JLG and SHG in district
  40. Base pf PSL
  41. Projects handled by agriculture university
  42. Progress & difference in JLG / SHG
  43. Innovative projects in district
  44. Important indicators of district
  45. Status of DCCCB in district/ CRAR/ Prospects
  46. Suggestion as DDM to make DCCB viable
  47. Efforts for formation of JLG and tenant farming
  48. Challenges in DCCB
  49. Working in various ROs and TE work culture and challenges and how do you overcome
  50. Difference of cooperative structure in Punjab and Haryana
  51. Which of them joined first in VC I
  52. Rupay KCC model study
  53. Difficulties in KCC
  54. VDP Phase II achievement and development
  55. Govt. intervention in district
  56. Status of DCCB in district suggestions for improving its viability
  57. Formation of MSC with PACS
  58. Importance of district
  59. Position of JLG in district
  60. Agri processing status in district
  61. Whether capital infusion for LT structure necessary
  62. Potential of district
  63. Efforts for SF
  64. Weak banks efforts & viability to improve
  65. First job in district
  66. Works in GAD
  67. Latest CRAR and applicability to RRBs / Coop
  68. Various Govt. schemes in district
  69. Changes in PLP guidelines
  70. Achievements in district
  71. Review of leave record
  72. Your contribution in preparation in SFP
  73. Various centres, which one was best one
  74. Why joined nabard
  75. What are functions
  76. Which Section in RO
  77. Any problem faced as DDM on account of switchover from POS to RDBS
  78. Contribution in district
  79. Activities in district
  80. How did you find the role of DDM
  81. DCCB – functioning and health
  82. PACS as MSC – problems in implementation
  83. SHG NRLM MEDP success role
  84. CBS statistics, reasons and status
  85. Platform of CBS
  86. Different software reports generation
  87. Farmers Producer Organization
  88. Contribution of RIDF in Balance Sheet
  89. Size of Balance Sheet
  90. Role of DDM
  91. Difference between Tech person and Non Tech person conducting monitoring
  92. Difficulties in NER under RIDF
  93. Latest changes in repayment schedule in ICD
  94. What are the interventions in your district
  95. Important factors in agriculture
  96. Feedback about CLMAS, problems faced
  97. Changes in PLP
  98. Usefulness of PLP document
  99. Infrastructure of Bihar
  100. New Scheme for solar pump in RIDF
  101. Budget allocation for NABARD in 2014-15
  102. New Products of NABARD
  103. FSPF created by merger of two funds which two?
  104. Who is bearing the insurance premium under PMJDY
  105. Major and Specific achievement in your district as DDM where you feel that is your contribution
  106. What are the reasons for dormancy of Farmer Clubs after three years
  107. Differentiate between economies of your present centre and previous centre
  108. CRAR latest guidelines
  109. Whether DDM offices should be strengthened
  110. Major budget announcement (last year) for NABARD
  111. Incremental SLR Requirements
  112. How can we control the multi financing in SHGs, Is it a business opportunity for NABARD
  113. Marketing related issues of weavers
  114. What steps to be taken for sustainability of Farmers Club?
  115. STCRC (RRB/Coop) source?
  116. Cap in Road/Bridges in RIDF?
  117. Warehouse development in your state?
  118. New NFS (OFDD) Policy?
  119. Difference between small and big ROs
  120. FIF & FITF Fund source?
  121. RIDF Fund source?
  122. What are the promotional fund of NABARD?
  123. What are the funds in PCD?
  124. What is direct lending? Advantages? Or its failures?
  125. New initiatives by NABARD in recent years?
  126. What is more challenging PCD or OFDD
  127. Which posting you feel more satisfying DDM or RO
  128. How RIF was formed?
  129. Long Term Refinance Policy? Criteria? Quantum?
  130. Govt. Linked Subsidy Scheme of ICD
  131. Latest scheme of Warehouse?
  132. Is our supervision over Banks helping them?
  133. Why PDCs are not working despite good support from NABARD?
  134. Any 2 initiatives that NABARD can make in Backward State/District?
  135. Margin in ICD
  136. Which section/department is more important
  137. What are the NABARD business areas? What are the areas fetching more margin?
  138. Whether you change the PLP projections in CPD? Or accept it completely?