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Chief Patron: Shri Anil Shastri, Special Invitee, Congress Working Committee (CWC), Patron: UK Mohanty, President: K Malligaraj, Vice President: DK Mazumdar, General Secretary: Dr DS Chauhan, Organising Secretary: BB Ghadage, Treasurer: AKS Chauhan, Zonal Secretaries: VK Pahwa (North), B V Rao (Central), H R Srivatsa (West), TV Narasimha Rao (South), Anand Bajpai (East), J L Samudre (North East), Committee Members: MC Thakkar, MV Jaiprakash, Ms Usha M Ganguli, Shailender Kumar, Amlan Dash, Adviser: Nitin P Nerurkar

Thursday, 17 April 2014

CEC Meeting - 10-11 April 2014 - Resolutions


The Central Executive Committee (CEC) of NBOA in its meeting held on 10 – 11 April 2014 at Mumbai resolved to submit the following resolutions to the bank:

Resolution No. 1:
Vacancies in Grade ‘C’

The vacancies in Grade ‘C’ as assessed by the CEC is given below with break-up:

Promoted from ‘C’ to ‘D’
44 (28 after 30 April but before 31 December 2014)

Even if the officers retiring after 30 April 2014 (28 in numbers) and officers whose promotion from Grade ‘C’ to ‘D’ is kept in sealed covers (10 in numbers) are not taken into account, the minimum vacancy in Grade ‘C’ comes to 266. On an average, the vacancies work out to 100 or less per year and considering that the Bank had promoted on an average 150 officers from Grade ‘B’ to ‘C’ in the preceding panel years (2009, 2010 and 2011) before filling vacancies in Grade ‘C’ were abruptly stopped from panel year 2012 onwards. CEC resolves to request the bank to accordingly initiate the process of promotion of officers from grade 'B'to Ç'as was promised by the chairman at the meeting held with AINBOA on 15 January 2014.
Resolution No 2:
Stagnation in Grades ‘B’ and ‘C’
CEC expresses its concern that approximately 1500 plus officers out of a total of 2700 officers are stuck up in Grades ‘B’ and ‘C’ and have little or nothing to look forward to in terms of career progression. CEC is of the view that such a large segment of demotivated officers is neither in the interest of the organisation nor to that of the officers’ community. CEC, therefore, urges upon the bank to consider a long term amicable solution, in consultation with AINBOA, to this ever increasing HR problem. CEC is of the view that an honorable and acceptable Exit Policy be put in place for the officers in Grade ‘B’ and ‘C’ to opt for and other avenues such as long term posting/placement at their choice centre/s in lieu of career progression may also be considered as one of the likely solutions.
Resolution No 3:
Pension Updation and upgradadtion at par with RBI

Now that the draft Staff Rules for statutorization as desired by Government of India has been submitted to the Department of Financial Services (DFS), Ministry of Finance, Government of India, the Bank Management may pursue with them vigorously to clear the pending pension updation (including re-opening of pension option) which is affecting a large number of retirees who have lost their income to the rising inflation. It’s pertinent to mention here is that most of the senior officers who had retired nearly twenty years ago draw much less pension (almost half) than an officer in Grade ‘A’ or a Group ‘B’ cadre who retires today. The Bank Management also may pursue with GoI for clearance of Family Pension updation and Twenty Years as Qualifying Service for Full Pension which was cleared for the employees and officers of RBI in January 2013 – long before the draft Staff Rules for statutorization was submitted by them – and which has no bearing on the pension updation controversy as such. It’s an open fact that the families of most of our deceased colleagues live a life of penury in the absence of a decent pension which is much less than the family pension of an employee of Government of India and almost all of the State Governments.  

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Letter to the Bank on Transfer Policy

Chief General Manager (HRMD)                                                                     28/03/2014
NABARD, Head office

Dear Sir,
                      Transfer Policy 2014 - Guiding Principles thereof

We request a reference to the captioned subject matter and we would like to express our gratitude to the bank for initiating steps to evolve an officers friendly transfer and posting policy with a human face without compromising on the aspects of organizational requirements.  In order to further refine the process we would request you to consider the following suggestions from AINBOA-

  1. Postings at Srinagar Cell of the office may be delinked from Jammu and it may be considered at par with NE postings in view of the drastically different situations (geographical, weather based, political and social) prevailing in the Srinagar region.
  2. The DR officers who have completed their first posting tenure of 3 years and are desirous of being considered for a posting at the choice centre as per the old policy may not be denied this opportunity in all fairness of things as their batch mates have already got benefited on this aspect under the old policy.
  3. GoI Instructions to banks and PSUs on placement/posting of physically challenged officers be made part of the policy.
  4. The LOS and/or tenure of DDM posting may be made at par with that of the LOS applicable for their governing RO. Ex. the tenure of a non domiciled DDM posted in a remote district of Bihar or Jharkhand is 5 years but that of an non domiciled officer posted at Patna or Ranchi is for 4 years.
  5. We feel happy to note that our long pending request of NOT to post grade ‘A’ officers as DDMs has been accepted by the bank. On similar analogy we request removal of all contract officers posted as DDMs under the designation of Project Managers.
  6. Only those lady officers be posted as DDMs who are willing to take up this primarily field level responsibility and in order to broad base their choice for DDM posting they may be given a choice of opting for the district/s (instead of state).
  7. Preference may be given to Senior officers (grade D and above) who have NOT spent even a single posting in their home centre for being posted to their centre of choice.
  8. In order to have a workable and conducive operational environment between bank and AINBOA, bank may consider posting of at-least one principal office-bearer (President or GS) at Mumbai.

Thanking You
Yours Sincerely,

(Dr D S Chauhan)

General Secretary

Saturday, 15 March 2014

RIP Milonendu da

AINBOA grieves the loss of Shri Milonendu Sarkar, DGM, posted to Orissa RO, Bhubaneswar on early Saturday morning (15 March 2014).

May his family have the strength to deal with the loss. 


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

RIP Navalkar

AINBOA expresses its grief over the sad and untimely demise of a dear member and colleague Mr M J Navalkar on 15 February 2014 in Mumbai. It came as a shock to many of us.

May his soul rest in peace. 

Nothing, no expression of grief, will match what his family must be going through at the moment. May they get the strength to deal with it. 


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Letter to Chairmann on Promotion Policy

The Chairman
Head Office,  

Dear Sir,

Meeting dated 15/01/2014 on Promotion Policy

At the outset we express our gratitude to you and to the HRMD for initiating a discussion on the captioned issue and more importantly for not only giving a patient hearing to our views, concern and suggestions on the subject matter but also for taking certain decisions which have far reaching positive effect on organizational development as also career progression of the officers. May we request your good-self for an early implementation of the following decisions taken at the meeting on 15/01/2014.

  1. Constitution of a committee of CGMs and two representatives from AINBOA to review and redraft a new ‘Promotion & Recruitment Policy’ for being put up to the BoDs subsequently for approval, specially keeping in view many of the provisions in the present policy such as Residual service concept, cooling period concept, PAR cut-offs from retrospectives dates etc. etc. 
  2. Constitution of a committee of CGMs to relook into the aspect of seniority list as fixed post merger of services. 
  3. Formulation and approval of promotion policy in respect of other services viz. Rajbhasa, Protocol & Security and Secretarial services. 
  4. Granting of PP to all the eligible officers who were promoted on or before 31/12/2012. 
  5. To bring down the cut-off level in the written test for Grade ‘C’ to ‘D’ from the present level of 80% keeping in view that the cutoff point in RBI is pegged at 50%. 
  6. To reassess the vacancies and effect the promotions in grade ‘B’ to ‘C’ keeping in view that the DDMs postings shall be reckoned towards grade ‘C’ and also the fact that there has been no promotion under ‘B’ to ‘C’ in last two years. 
  7. No direct recruitment in lateral levels is contemplated. 
  8. Bank will pursue with GoI for restoration of posts of Executive Directors.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

(Dr. D.S . Chauhan)
General Secretary

Letter to Bank on Statutorisation of Staff Rules

The Chief General Manager (HRMD)
Head Office

Dear Sir,

NABARD Staff Rules – Statutorisation thereof

Please recall the meeting HRMD had with AINBOA on the captioned subject on 06/01/2014. We thank the bank for keeping the AINBOA in loop on the issue and also for giving a patient hearing to our concerns and suggestions on the issue.
We are hopeful that the all of our mutually agreed upon suggestions will find place in the amended draft and the final version of our NABARD Staff Regulations which will be put up to the Board of Directors for approval will by and large be on the lines of RBI  Staff Rules and a replica of our existing Staff Rules.
As agreed upon at  the meeting under reference , we request your good-self to provide us with a soft copy of the re-drafted final version of the NABARD Staff rules which is proposed to be put up to BoDs for approval.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

(Dr. D. S . Chauhan)
General Secretary

Friday, 10 January 2014

Letter to Chairman - Issues Related to Promotion Policy

The Chairman

Respected Sir,

Please refer to fax dated 08/01/2014 (inadvertently mentioned as 2013) on the subject matter. In this connection the following is humbly submitted-
1. Thanks for granting NBOA the much required and desired audience on one of the most important and hotly contested issue.
2. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the issue and the stakes involved, we request you to allow us to bring in a little larger representative group of the NBOA at the important discussions.
3. We thus propose to have a delegation from NBOA comprising of President , VP , GS , OS , Treasurer and our 6 Zonal Secretaries North (Sri VK Pahwa) , South (Sri S Narsimha Rao), Central (Sri BV Rao), West (Sri Srivatsa), East (Sri A. Bajpai) and North East (Sri J Samudre).
4. Regarding the points of discussions, by and large, we propose to discuss the issue based on the WP filed by the NBOA in Hon'ble Mumbai High Court and a copy of which is already available with the bank.
5. Still for the sake of clarity the following issues shall form the basis of the discussions as far as NBOA is concerned-

a) Built in Ambiguity in and discriminatory nature of the selection (promotion) policy 2013.
b) Ambiguities and discrimination arising out due to recasting of Seniority list in various grades post merger of services.
c) Multiple levels of cut-off parameters introduced in the policy with retrospective effect in clear violation of Sec 60 (4) of NABARD Act, 1981.
d) Effecting the promotions in grade 'C' from grade 'B' with immediate effect.
e)  No recruitment of officers as DRs in any lateral position including grade 'B'.
f) Frustration and demotivation arising out of concept of residual service and cooling period.
g) Non formulation of Promotion Policy for other services i.e. Rajbhasa, P& S and Secretarial services.
h) Release of PP benefits to all the officers in grades 'B' and 'D' who have been promoted under the old promotion policy i.e. prior to panel year 2013 promotions.

NBOA is also of the view that all of the above contentious issues can  be sorted out at the Hon'ble Chairman's level itself as board has vested all the powers in him under paragraph 15 of the the Selection policy 2013 under reference.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr D S Chauhan