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Chief Patron: Shri Anil Shastri, Special Invitee, Congress Working Committee (CWC) President: A K Dixit, Vice Presidents: Mithileshwar Jha and Samuel B Johnson, General Secretary: Amlan Dash, Organising Secretary: M V Jaiprakash, Treasurer: P C Suresh Babu, Zonal Secretaries: Deep[ Kushal(North), Gautam Kumar Singh (Central), Hemant S Patil (West), S Rajagopalan (South), Shailendra Kumar (East), Anil Kumar Yadav (North East), Executive Committee Members: D K Mazumder, Dr Pradeep Parate, Sasidharan Nair, Ms Subrata Banerjee, Sudhanshu Nagwekar, Ms Urvashi Garg

Charter of Demand - Part E - Other Demands (RBI)

                       PART E- Other Demands

A.             Special status Jammu /Srinagar

Since Jammu is a part of Jammu & Kashmir State which is facing extreme turbulence, officers posted to Jammu and Srinagar should be granted all facilities as applicable to North Eastern Region.
B.            Family definition

There should be a uniform definition of Family and dependents for the various schemes of the Bank like LFC / Medical / Stay in quarters, etc. Family should  include:

  • Spouse/partner of the officers
  • Children/ step children, residing with and wholly dependent.
  • Children to include major sons and widowed daughters wholly dependent.
  • Parents or parents-in-law, step mother, unmarried sister and minor brothers wholly dependent.
  • Widowed sisters wholly dependent.
  • Wholly dependent mentally / physically challenged brothers.
  • Divorced daughters / sisters who are fully dependant.

C.            Dependent Parents –Definition

  • Definition of dependent parent’s should be synchronized for Medical, LFC, etc. and should also include the in–laws.

D.  Leave

(i)            Ordinary Leave

  • The prior notice period for OL may be reduced to 15-days.
(ii)          Sick Leave
  • 12 months on full average pay.
  • Encashment of un-availed sick leave portion be added to Ordinary Leave to the extent of shortfall up to the maximum of total O/L admissible at the time of retirement.
  •  The residual un-availed portion of sick leave may be taken to a common pool and may be monetized so that it may be used under MAF after retirement on pro-rata basis.

(iii)  Maternity Leave
·         Maternity leave for a minimum period of four months should be granted in case of adoption of a child.
·         The total Maternity leave of one year available to an employee should be allowed to be availed of at the discretion of the employee and need not be restricted to two spells of six months each for two children.

(iv)  Paternity leave
Paternity leave may be increased to 30 days.

(v)    Child care leave
·         Child care leave of up to 2 years may be allowed to lady officers.

(vi)  Child adoption leave should be gender neutral.

(vii) In case of life threatening ailments, full pay should be allowed irrespective of leave position of an officer.

(viii)                   Mandatory leave prescribed for the dealers should be made under a separate head and not be carved out of any other leave.
F.      Leave Reserve / Training Reserve

20% posts of leave / Training Reserve to be created in all grades.

G.      Accommodation

  • Sufficient number of flat should be purchased/constructed/taken on lease at Mumbai to tide over the acute accommodation problem faced by senior officers.
  • At Mumbai, Bank should acquire flats for officers near its vicinity.
  • The premises at Cadell Road where BTC is presently situated should be used for construction of premium flats for officers in grades “C” and “D” in view of its locational advantage for residential purposes. The hostels may be renovated to make single room accommodation for officers.
  • Construction of flats for officers should be taken up on a priority basis at all places where new offices have been opened. Further, colony at places like Lucknow, Jammu, Pune, etc., maybe taken up immediately. Reconstruction of Bank’s Colony in Delhi maybe taken up on priority basis.
  • All the Bank flats should be provided with air-conditioners / air-conditioner.
  • The bank should take on lease flats at places where construction could not be undertaken. All such leases should be closer to the offices of the bank and should be befitting the dignity of the officers in their respective grades.

H.   Higher Studies & Training

  • The Bank may consider increasing the amount of scholarship in its Golden Jubilee Scheme.
  •  The Bank to devise a scheme wherein all senior officers are deputed for a customized training for a period of nine months to one year in a reputed institute abroad and other officers in grade B and above may be sent for short term courses of six months abroad or one year customized course in premium management institutions in India. This will enable a much larger number of officers to hone up their skills and will also expand the talent pool for the Bank.
  • Age limit for Bank scholarship may be relaxed.
  • There should not be any age limit for being sponsored for studies and training.
  • Of the total period of study leave, a portion, e.g. 24 months, may be treated as on duty.
  • Management Development Programmes for Grade C officers should be re-introduced.
  • Financial support may be provided for conducting field study and other research related activities.
  • Officers going on sabbatical / study leave be reimbursed expenses for studies undertaken in universities in India and abroad.
  • Officers who have done specialised courses, especially those that are part of HRMD circular may be granted special allowance / increment.

I.      Holiday Homes , VOF & Medical Flats

  • Bank may enter into tie-us with reputed resorts / hotels at other places in India where such facility does not exist.
  • Adequate number of VOFs be provided at all centres for officers and members of their families visiting the centers. The VoFs may be adequately maintained.
  • Reasonable number of medical flats should be kept for officers coming treatment to various centers like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. with facilities for specialized / advanced treatment, which should be properly maintained and furnished.
  • Bank may consider developing the idle and vacant spaces in various  centres for parking or state-of-the-art clubs on the lines of professional clubs.

J.       Commercial Bank Training

It should be imparted irrespective of the age.

K.      Regional Offices

  • The sub-offices of the Bank may be made full-fledged offices  with  all functions of the Bank.
  • Cells of specialized departments such as DEPR, Legal Cell, DSIM, etc. should be opened at all the Regional Offices.
  • Bank should consider opening overseas offices at International Finance Centres to fulfill our mandates on managing external reserves, cross border supervision and host and home country regulations to engage with home country regulators. These offices can also consider as a support function for the country’s foreign policy objectives wherever RBI’s regulatory mandates and expertise is required.

L.      Work life balance
·         Working from home may be allowed, say once in a fortnight wherever feasible.

M.     Workplace infrastructure
Space constraint at Central Office Mumbai has resulted in lack of adequate workspace for officers. Proper workspace (cubicle/cabin, etc.) should be provided for officers befitting their status.
·                To reduce pressure due to constraints in pace in Central Office, Bank may consider leasing work space in nearby areas.
·                A modern cafeteria may be created at different offices of RBI.
·                A state-of-the-art gymnasium may be provided at RBI offices at all locations.

R. Scholarship Scheme

·                Scholarship scheme for children should be reviewed periodically and amount should be increased suitably.
·                In case of children staying away from family, an enhanced amount should be paid as scholarship.
·                The Scheme should be extended to cover post graduate courses.

N.      Other issues
·         Creche facility to be provided at RBI Offices / colonies at all locations.
·         Bank to have tie-up with premium schools for admission of wards of officers at all locations.

The Association would be pursuing other important issues as and when they come up, independently of the Charter. 

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