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Chief Patron: Shri Anil Shastri, Special Invitee, Congress Working Committee (CWC) President: A K Dixit, Vice Presidents: Mithileshwar Jha and Samuel B Johnson, General Secretary: Amlan Dash, Organising Secretary: M V Jaiprakash, Treasurer: P C Suresh Babu, Zonal Secretaries: Deep[ Kushal(North), Gautam Kumar Singh (Central), Hemant S Patil (West), S Rajagopalan (South), Shailendra Kumar (East), Anil Kumar Yadav (North East), Executive Committee Members: D K Mazumder, Dr Pradeep Parate, Sasidharan Nair, Ms Subrata Banerjee, Sudhanshu Nagwekar, Ms Urvashi Garg

Monday, 3 June 2013

National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17 May 2013


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National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17 May 2013
The Meeting began with the welcome address by Shri K K Saxena, Secretary NBOA, Shimla unit and by Shri Balvant Thakur, Secretary, AINBEA. 
Shri Naresh Gupta, CGM, HP, RO in his inaugural address expressed happiness that the NBOA was hosting the National Council at Shimla for the first time.  He touched upon three major issues in his inaugural address viz. Revision of family pension, Insurance cover for loan and advances (housing, etc.) taken by employees, and the fact that margin on major traditional products is either going down or is negligible.
General Secretary in his reply spoke about the vast opportunity in financing traditional products like short term loans, RIDF, and need for obtaining low cost funds.  He emphasized the need for co-existence of the existing products and new products like financing of producer’s organization etc.   He also expressed the view that with introduction of Food Security Bill the role of NABARD was going to further increase.
Agenda for the meeting was
  1. Discussions on the status of decision taken at the NC meeting at Lucknow.
  2. Need to strengthen the organizational structure of NBOA.
  3. Status and requirements for registration of NBOA.
  4. Review of unit wise accounts by treasurer and status of fighting fund etc.
  5. Firming up for further action in respect of Mumbai High Court Case on selection policy
  6. Firming up of further action due to non clearance of perks like LTC, HA, taxi reimbursement, medical treatment eligibility limits, transfer benefits, etc. by the management.
  7. Review of the new transfer policy 2013.
  8. Review of banks business 2012-13.
  9. Firming up of further action in respect of proposed amendment to NABARD act by GOI
  10. Farewell to office-bearers who are attaining superannuation shortly.
  11. Any other item with the permission of the chair.

Agenda item No.1. –
A quick review of 20 February 2013 strike was taken wherein various units highlighted the steps taken by them to implement the decision of the National Council as also the fall out owing to the non-cooperation of a few members.  Most units were able to procure letters indicating participation in the strike from officers who were either on training or tour.   Rajasthan RO explained the circumstances in which they were compelled to expel few members and sough ratification of the same from the National Council. The National Council ratified the decision of the General Body of  Rajasthan Unit in expelling the three members for their anti association activities. It was also decided that like Rajasthan , Punjab & Haryana , Chattisgarh  and Gujrat units , all other units , whereat a few members have defied the NBOA call , GBs may be held and explanation called for from such defiant members. In case, the members are recalcitrant about their act of defiance and express no remorse then appropriate action as deemed fit by the respective GBs may be initiated against them. Members requested that the list of expelled members , if any , from each units may be hosted on the Blog spot. The National Council decided to expel Ms. Swati Randive from the post of Central Executive Member on account of her non participation in the strike call given by the AINBOA and also due to her past acts of diluting the calls given by the AINBOA. It was also decided that hence-forth no CEC member will be allowed to proceed on training/tour or any other field duty on the strike/mass casual leave day/s.
Agenda item No.2. –
The GS in his opening remarks expressed anguish at the fact that while most units implement the call of the Central Unit such as strike, mass casual leave etc. the response to data / information sought on sensitive issues like HRMS, analysis on the transfer during the year from respective ROs, accounts details was very minimal. He gave the example of the decision at the previous NC wherein units were advised to send inputs for presentation on a paper on agriculture credit to be submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and also issues for the Patron to take up with GoI relating to strengthening of NABARD.  A small sub-committee comprising Shri/S Mukesh Thakkar, Samuel B Johnson, H R Srivatsa, P P Basu Chaudhary and Ashesh Chatterjee  was constituted for giving inputs for the Patron.  As regards the paper on agricultural credit, the President AINBOA and Secretary, BIRD were requested to review the draft paper prepared by Secretary and return the same by 31 May 2013.
GS express concern at the fact that five big units were not attending the National Council and a few units had not attended the National Council meeting for the second time in a row. The GS suggested and National Council decided  the following steps to be undertaken so as to further strengthen the Association,
  • All Committee Members to necessarily participate in the National Council/CEC or seek written exemption. In case of dire emergency , whereat the Office-bearers of the unit are not in a position to attend the NC , the GB may necessarily depute at-least one ordinary member from the unit.
  • All units to conduct minimum of 4 General Body meetings in a year and the proceedings to be forwarded to the central unit.
  • All units to meet local management once in 3 months
  • Acknowledge all central units communications.
  • To maintain links with local unit of RBI.
GS indicated that efforts are being made to give SMS alerts about updates in NBOA Blog.  He also urged all office bearers and officers to link their E-mail IDs with the Blog and keep themselves updated about the latest information being posted on the Blogs/websites of various fraternal representative bodies..
Agenda item No.3. –
It was indicated that all necessary steps are being taken to complete the formalities about registration of NBOA. Members expressed concern on the delay on this part and it was decided to expedite the same.
Agenda item No.4. –
As only 4 – 5 units have submitted full details regarding collection towards members subscription / fighting (legal) fund / levy etc. it was decided that by 31 May 2013 all units were to finalize the accounts as on 31 March 2013, complete the collection of the legal fund and send audited accounts and funds collected to the Treasurer and make the details to the General Secretary, All India.  The amounts/subscriptions payable to units by the Central unit and vice-versa have to be accounted for and settled by 30/06/2013. In case the units concerned fail to submit the accounts by the prescribed date , the accounts as settled by the central unit shall be deemed to be full and final , with no claims to be entertained from the respective units in future. More , so all the units were advised to collect the fighting fund immediately and remit the same to central unit by 15/06/2013.
The treasurer also handed over 50% of membership subscription (on adhoc data) upto 31 March 2013 to all units present at the meeting. Those of the Units who couldn’t attend the NC at Shimla , and in need of funds , may send the RTGS related details to the treasurer so as to receive adhoc payments towards the subscription It was decided to peruse the matter of getting the month-wise/unit-wise subscription list from the HO salary division with immediate effect.
Agenda item No.5. –
President and Advisor briefed the house about the status of the W.P © No. 2872 of 2012.   The next hearing of the case has been scheduled for 09 July 2013.  In the meanwhile  the Bank has proceeded with promotion in E to F , D to E and C to D cadre. An appeal has been moved in the Vacation Court.  The Vacation court accepted the appeal and has granted liberty to mention the case on Monday viz. 20 May 2013.
GS appreciated the efforts of Shri Nitin Nerurkar, Advisor who perused the case as also the President who invested his time (leave) for the court case. 
It was also decided by the NC that the WP filed in the Mumbai HC has to be taken to its legitimate end  and if need be the matter may be brought before the Hon’ble Supreme Court too.
Agenda item No.6. –
It has been decided to launch an agitation programme on the following issues.
  • To oppose the  proposed Amendment/s to NABARD Act , 1982
  • To Demand to post DG , RBI as Chairman NABARD
  • To oppose the  proposed re-jig at the top level from Chairman-MD-ED to CMD-DMD post in NABARD.
  • To oppose the Merger of Departments and Posting of Grade ‘A’ officers as DDMs leading to long term curtailment of Career prospects for the officers.
  • To protest Non fulfillment of commitments given to NBOA on 10 July 2012 by the management.
  • To demand Restoration of parity with RBI in respect of service conditions prevailing in NABARD.
  • To demand  Issuance of Transfer and Promotion policy for Rajbhasa , Security and Secretarial services in NABARD.
  • To oppose the Harassment being faced by officers specifically due to HRMS and non clearance of Housing Loan cases.
  • To protest the various Victimization cases of officers who are being administratively punished even without following due procedure of natural justice as enacted in the NABARD Staff Rule , 1982.
  • To oppose Entrusting RDBS functions to Non-RDBS officer and vice-versa.
  • To oppose the  recruitment of officers on contract basis and all other recruitments of officers under Misc. Services as it is not as per the extant rules laid down in the NABARD Staff Rules , 1982.
  • The following agitation programme was chalked out, details of which will be worked out in due course of time and communicated to all the units.
1.      Lunch Hour demonstration, gate meetings
2.      All members to write letters to Board of Director members and Finance Minister
3.      Dharna and mass memorandum to Chairman
4.      Letter to all MPs
5.      Meeting with RBI, Governor before 12 July 2013
6.      Press Conference on 12 July 2013 by AINBOA
7.      Observe 10/06/2013 (the day of interview for posting of DMD/s) as Black Day
Agenda item No.7. –
·         It was decided to organisationaly Protest NABARD Act Amendment as proposed by the GoI.
·         The National Council expressed its anguish at the various news coverage pertaining to NABARDs functioning and its reported adverse affect on the image of the organization. It also expressed surprised on the half-hearted efforts being put in by the management in approaching the media and setting the records straight , inspite of AINBOA’s repeated requests to that effect. It was thus decided to approach the DFS , MoF, GoI and demand a fair , transparent and independent  enquiry on the correctness of the media reportage so that the NABARD comes clean on it.
·         The National Council expressed its anguish / dismay towards the management for not initiating a dialogue process with AINBOA and called upon the Management to immediately enter into a dialogue on various long pending outstanding issues.
·         The National Council decided to protest the dilution of DDM offices by posting Grade ‘A’ officers in the district and closure as also merger of various departments including many of the DDM offices , BIRD and NRMC.
·         It was decided that The paper on agriculture credit and role of NABARD will be circulated to a select group for vetting and on firming up will be made public to all units.
·         It was decided to Support individuals already fighting in court of law on LTC issues both financially and organizationally (Dehradun / Lucknow / Chandigarh) in case they so appeal to AINBOA.
·         A farewell function was  organized to retiring office bearers, Shri Nitin Nerurkar and Shri U K Mohanty. The National Council put on records its appreciation and gratitude to both the office-bearers for their selflessand unrelenting services provided to AINBOA. The NC on behalf of the entire officers community wished them the best of everything always.
·         Other issues as raised by respective units were noted for being followed up by Central Unit at the Head Office.
In light of the above the following Resolutions were moved and unanimously adopted by the National Council-
                                  RESOLUTION 1
The National Council of AINBOA at its National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17/05/2013 condemns the ongoing decision of GoI to amand the NABARD Act , 1982 so as to pave way for private equity participation and to initiate retrograde restructuring of the organization which will eventually be harmful to the Marginal & Small Farmers , landless laborers and other weaker section of the rural society of the country. National Council decided to oppose the move of GoI with full strength and vigor and calls upon the GoI to initiate a nation wide debate on the issue before taking a decision on the proposed amendments to the NABARD Act , 1982.
                             RESOLUTION 2
The National Council of AINBOA at its National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17/05/2013 Demands GoI to amend the NABARd Act , 1982 in such a way that Deputy Governor, RPCD, RBI is also the Chairman NABARD, so that the umbilical link and policy level back-up of the central bank of the country is made available to NABARD which is caters to the most important sector of the economy i.e. the rural banking.
                               RESOLUTION 3
The National Council of AINBOA at its National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17/05/2013 opposes  the Stop closure / merger of departments in the name of BCG recommendations and demands stopping of all the organizational restructuring processes which are adversely affecting the functioning of NABARD and stunting the career progression of its officers.
                           RESOLUTION 4
The National Council of AINBOA at its National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17/05/2013 demands immediate Stoppage towards victimization of individual officers and calls upon the management to discuss all such cases with AINBOA and restore justice to the aggrieved officers.
                        RESOLUTION 5
The National Council of AINBOA at its National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17/05/2013 demands Restoration of parity with RBI in respect of service conditions prevailing in NABARD.
                       RESOLUTION 6
The National Council of AINBOA at its National Council Meeting held at Shimla on 16 & 17/05/2013 demands Up-dation of family pension and up-gradation of pension on lines with that prevailing in RBI.
The Vice-President proposed the vote of thanks.  The house gave a standing ovation to Shimla Unit for the wonderful arrangements made by them and also thanked the local management for their support.  The house also observed 2 minutes silence in memory of Shri Suryanarayan, ex-President / General Secretary of AINBOA.
-----sd-----                                                    -------sd-------
(DrD.S.Chauhan)                                        (K.Malligaraj)
General Secretary                                         President                                                      
Place : Bhopal
Date : 02/06/2013

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