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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

HRMS Related Issues

The Chairman                                                                             05/04/2013
Head Office

Dear Sir,
HRMS Related Issues

Please refer to the various correspondences –written and verbal- resting with your good offices on the captioned subject matter. We are pained and anguished to note that in spite of almost a year gone by the HRMS related issues keep creeping up and members are being put to unending difficulty and misery. We have been approached by a number of members now regarding wrong computation and deduction of IT for the FY 2012-13.
Many of them have already notified the office about IT and other related aspects vide email on but the misery continues unabated. We also request you a reference to the decision taken at the last JCM, whereat CGM-HRMD has assured that as per the extant Expenditure Rules all the payments made to the staff-vide the salary & allowances and also as per the settlement of bills and eligible claims- will be got audited internally, so as to get the discrepancies , if observed by the auditors, rectified and complied with, however to our utter dismay this too has not been adhered with and as such on one hand the officers and employees who are working in HRMS are left haplessly to run against the time to rectify the errors arising out of a non-tested and erroneously created software and on the other hand the recipient officers continue to be under stress for non rectification of their eligible dues and receivables.
In the circumstances we earnestly request you to ensure-

1.      That none of the officers are put to any IT related difficulties (short deduction of IT resulting into penalties OR excess IT deduction resulting into seeking refunds).

2.      To constitute a committee urgently, having a NBOA representation too on it , to evaluate the entire process of HRMS and recommend suitable initiatives required to ensure non recurrence of errors henceforth.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

(Dr D S Chauhan)
General Secretary

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