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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Annual Transfers 2013 - Letter No 4

The Chairman                                                                   29/04/2013
Head Office

Dear Sir,

Annual Transfers 2013

Please refer to new transfer policy vide Circular no. NB/HRMD/PA/5298/ST-51/12-13 dated 19/03/2013 according to which the annual transfers 2013 have been affected to. In this connection we bring to your kind notice the following-

We were surprised to note that the officers under non RDBS services too have been transferred in spite of the fact that bank has indicated that a separate transfer policy for non RDBS officers is on anvil. This tantamount to discrimination and keeping the officers under non RDBS, who too are governed by the same staff rules as the RDBS officers, bereft of seeking postings at the choice centers and other provisions such as LoS and considerations on account of education and health related problems

Keeping in view the above, we again request that transfer policy for non RDBS officers be immediately finalized in line with that of RDBS services. Meanwhile non RDBS officers who are under orders of transfers, if request the bank for reconsideration of their transfers on genuine grounds of education, health etc may be considered favourably.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

(Dr D S Chauhan)
General Secretary

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