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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Allotment of residential Quarters at Raipur


Respected Sir ,

Allotment of residential Quarters at Raipur

The National Council of NBOA, during its meeting held on 22-23 September 2016 at Raipur, deputed a team of office bearers representing various units to Naya Raipur to get a first-hand experience of the situation. The team, in its report submitted to the National Council, highlighted the following points:

·        The new township constructed in Naya Raipur is far from being habitable at present as the occupancy rate is near zero and the area wears a deserted, desolate and unkempt look with wild vegetation in the courtyards of the houses and in open/common spaces.
·        The distance from the main city to the new township is around 30 kilometres (an hour’s drive by own car) and the road connecting the new township with the main city is completely deserted even during the day time, bereft of even basic necessities such as medical aid , motor mechanics , ATMs , drinking water/general provisions and even police establishment/patrol. Simply put, there is no help on the road in case of any emergency; it’s worse after sundown.
·        The public or private transport system has yet to come-up in the area, thus connectivity to main town , hospitals , schools , railway station , airport etc is drastically poor.
·        The team learnt that criminal elements are having a field day in the area, especially after sunset.
·        More than the officers, it’s the families of the officers who will have to face the hazards of security as also health related aspects in such a deserted place.
·        During the visit, the team discovered that the mobile network in the area of some of the major service providers (for example, Vodafone, Airtel) were extremely weak.
·        The state government has shifted its Secretariat to the new township but has to provide free transport by engaging nearly fifty plus buses for its employees and running a subsidized canteen. But the families of the employees have not been shifted to Naya Raipur.
·        Sir, apart from the amenities (schools, hospitals, shops etc.), what’s important for leading a dignified life for any human being is a sense of security, safety , socializing , connectivity and freedom , all of which are absent in the township.

By forcing our officers to shift to the new township, the officers will have to make a difficult choice and we fear many of the officers will opt to stay back by shelling out rent from their own pockets and bank too would have to pay an hefty HRA to these officers. This, we are afraid, will lead to a no-win situation for both the Bank and the officers of Raipur, a situation which can be avoided by putting on hold the decision of occupying the houses at the Naya Raipur, till the time it becomes habitable. Incidentally, the decision to shift the officers to new residential units in the mid of session is also not in conformity with the banks own instructions on the issue.

We, therefore earnestly request you to put on hold the decision of shifting the officers to the new residential units at Naya Raipur and direct the HRMD to hold discussions with AINBOA so as to find out an amicable and feasible solution to the issue..

Yours Sincerely

(Dr D S Chauhan)
General Secretary

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