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Chief Patron: Shri Anil Shastri, Special Invitee, Congress Working Committee (CWC) President: A K Dixit, Vice Presidents: Mithileshwar Jha and Samuel B Johnson, General Secretary: Amlan Dash, Organising Secretary: M V Jaiprakash, Treasurer: P C Suresh Babu, Zonal Secretaries: Deep[ Kushal(North), Gautam Kumar Singh (Central), Hemant S Patil (West), S Rajagopalan (South), Shailendra Kumar (East), Anil Kumar Yadav (North East), Executive Committee Members: D K Mazumder, Dr Pradeep Parate, Sasidharan Nair, Ms Subrata Banerjee, Sudhanshu Nagwekar, Ms Urvashi Garg

Thursday, 19 March 2015

A to B Contd........


  1. NIDA – Project sanction, NIDA source of fund
  2. RIDF Source of Fund
  3. What will you do & where will you take NB’s Balance Sheet if you become chairman?
  4. Hobbies, last book read, contents
  5. Sanand Canal top
  6. How will you utilize Engg. In NB?
  7. B.S. size etc.
  8. What if RIDF stops?
  9. CFF Fund given to
  10. What are problems with (03) with Indian Agriculture and suggestion to overcome those problems?
  11. How many subsidiary NABARD has promoted? And how many of them are NBFC
  12. What are funding under CFF?
  13. What are the studies undertaken in NABARD Working in DEAR
  14. What is Public Choice theory?
  15. What is PS lending?
  16. RBI is in process of redefining PSL. Will it affect NABARD?
  17. What was problems of MFIs in Andhra Pradesh?
  18. Some questions on Educational background
  19. What is the main reason cited in “Market that failed” (a book by CP Chandrashekhar) that result in market failure.
  20. LBS system/Is it still relevant.
  21. What is Service Area Approach? What was its problems?
  22. Difference between PODF & Product Fund
  23. Why you have left your previous job and why you joined NABARD/
  24. How you are utilizing your educational qualification in NABARD?
  25. Why banks are not financing in rural areas?
  26. What is NRLM?
  27. In Nabcons, what assignments you have done in previous RO?
  28. What was your job responsibility in your previous job?
  29. Tell about your educational background
  30. How financing in commercial bank is different from financing in NB?
  31. Period of earlier posting
  32. Problem in select projects of MP
  33. What were the issues
  34. Tell us about the monitoring guidelines – are they full proof (Wadi)
  35. GPS monitoring – suggestions
  36. Difference between MP & Gujarat wadi projects – which is good?  Why?
  37. Study on FI in tribal areas/projects
  38. Sanitation study in tribal areas – can we explore and arrange to all tribal beneficiaries?
  39. Which desk you looked after in Premises Deptt?
  40. Special initiatives of Gujarat RO under TDF?
  41. Of the departments you worked, which department you liked most?  Y?
  42. Tell me abt yr dist
  43. What is ur qualification?  Experience
  44. Tell me about wadi/project
  45. Innovative projects in the dist
  46. Health of cooperatives
  47. Self introduction
  48. SRI technique
  49. Effect on the production
  50. Beneficiaries and non beneficiaries
  51. SHG & JLG difference
  52. Wadi – FI
  53. Farmers Club – initiative taken to revive the c lubs
  54. NABARD programmes and credit functions – how we can convince govt or how we canshowcase the govt NB’s work
  55. Tell about urself
  56. R&D fund guidelines – are u aware of revisions
  57. What work u were looking after in DEAR
  58. Why PACS as MSC is not picking up in Guj?
  59. Why we need to do new business
  60. How can we check bad loans/NPA in our new business products?
  61. What is vibrant Gujarat?
  62. NIDA
  63. What NABARD did during Vibrant meet?
  64. Budget announcement relating to NB
  65. Jobs relating to PS desk?
  66. Challenges faced?
  67. How is the RO?

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