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Friday, 18 May 2012


No. NBOA.MUM/001/2013-12    

The Chairman                                                          16/05/2012
Head Office

Dear Sir,

Deviations from Reserve Bank Of India vis-a -vis Pay, Allowances, Monetary Perks and other Service Conditions

     Please refer to the discussions NBOA representatives had with CGM (HRMD) on 16/05/2012 on the captioned subject with specific reference to the many deviations being undertaken by the Bank in process of implementing HRMS.
     In this regard we reiterate that acceptance of implementation of HRMS by NBOA is for increased efficiency in the operations and for making more man power available for main line operations AND NOT for implementation of HRMS resulting into deviations from RBI in so far as Pay , Allowances and other monetary benefits are concerned.

    As already brought to your kind notice on so many occasions the provision of parity with RBI on the captioned account is well enshrined in NABARD Act, 1982 and NABARD Staff Rules, 1982 and NABARD has followed and practiced it for the last 30 years. Sir, you will agree that it is a well settled issue which has been discussed, debated and agreed upon within NABARD and outside too including on the floor of Parliament.
        We are aggrieved to note that in spite of our repeated requests the Bank continues to deny us the statutory and legal provision and as such we once again very earnestly request you to instruct the concerned authorities for suitably revising the instructions governing the following so as to put them at par with those prevailing in RBI only (NOT AS PER IN SBI OR IBA Etc.)
  1. All benefits relating to transfers i.e. freight charges on actual basis for 60 quintals Full Truck Load as being charged by reputed transporters such as TCI, Goyal Career, Agarwal Packagers etc. Car shifting charges within the overall limit of Railways tariff for a closed EVK wagon and suitable amendment to the form of declaration to be submitted.
  2. FRSO to be provided to all the officers as per their eligibility irrespective of their period of services left.
  3. Ph.D Allowance to be increased to at par with RBI.
  4. Enhancement of Special allowance to Principal/VP of training institutes to make it at par with RBI.
  5. Reimbursement for late sitting/Early coming to be at par with RBI
  6. Eligibility per person towards LTC scheme to be revised as per that prevailing in RBI w.e.f 01/04/2012.
  7. Reimbursement of telephone rentals to officers retiring in grade 'D' and above to be made at par with that prevailing in RBI.
We once again very humbly reiterate our 30 years old stand that as far as service conditions are concerned NBOA shall accept nothing more or nothing less than that prevailing in RBI. Sir you will agree that this stand of ours is not only legitimate and statutorily backed, it is also in the best interest of officers and NABARD. Hoping for a kind and favourable intervention

Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary

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