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Monday, 28 May 2012

Extension of Probation Period - Clarification

Dear All,

First and foremost NBOA has been fighting for the cause of these officers also-direct recruitment in grade 'B' and stopping of promotions in grade 'a' to 'B' and grade 'B' to 'C' will adversely affect them only. Bank has threatened to take severe and harsh measures against the most vulnerable set of officers i.e. probationers and NBOA took it up with management very strongly and even went out to seek political and trade union help on the issue-the result is that bank was stopped from taking any perceptive measure. Now the bank has come out with extension of probation for six months. We are again discussing with the bank to take back this repressive decision and have also sought the information from the bank about the likely adverse affects, if any, on the career prospect due to extension of probation. We are on the job and will do the best to safeguard the interest of all officers, including probationers and all remedies including taking recourse to legal recourse are well within our ambit of action, in case bank doesn't resent. Having said this, two things are to be made very clear to all the members-

1. No one and I repeat no one can fight for you-including NBOA-if the aggrieved officer/s are not ready to fight their for their cause.
2. NBOA cannot be taken for ransom or blackmail by any of the members by  giving beyond the facts of statement (as that the NBOA has not taken care of their interest-as if NBOA has asked the management to victimise officer or as if we are sitting quietly and not doing anything).
3. Each and every member is free to call on us and question us and discuss with us and it should be only after this they should reach a conclusion and attribute motives to NBOA or office-bearers.
4. I have received quite a few telephone calls/emails from the probationary officer besides interacting with them who are at Bhopal in person and I have told them the very fact as I have written above and have told them to have patience and faith in collective strength. I am happy to note that most of them are and will be NBOA in times to come and i am sure that NBOA will be able to bring justice to them.
5. I with all conviction, however, do hereby say that if any of the member/s defies the call given by NBOA then he/she should be ready to face action as per NBOA bye-laws. In fact, I would not hesitate to ask any of the 'victimised' officer to resign from the membership of the NBOA if he/she gets a guarantee or even assurance from the management that if they do so then their victimisation will end and the decision to extend probation will be taken back and also that in near or distant future he/she will not have to face the victimisation as being meted out to late Shri Kulkarni and many many others of the officer s in some form or other.
Amlan is very emotional and so has talked about the punishment being meted out to office-bearers, I say its not worth mentioning it as not only this is a professional hazard which all of us -the office bearers and activists-be ready to face but also the fact is that neither he nor anyone else can describe the mental, corporate and social stress and pressures to which we are all subjected to....specially when we are dealing with an insensitive and stubborn management.
Hope it clears the doubts, if any , in so far as creditability of NBOA is concerned and all the members shall remain united in the best of theirs as also the NABARD. Unit Secretaries may accordingly apprise the membership.

dr d s Chauhan
Gen. Secretary

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