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Monday, 30 October 2017

Re: Meeting with AINBOA on 24/10/2017

Chief General Manager
Dear Sir ,
                        Re: Meeting with AINBOA on 24/10/2017
 Many thanx for sparing your valuable time and having a transparent discussion in a very congenial atmosphere with AINBOA central unit office-bearers on 24/10/2017 on the following issues of mutual concern. We are summarizing below the major outcome of the discussions, point/issue-wise-
1. Assured Personal Promotion (APP) to Grade A & B officers : AINBOA again reiterated its request for grant of APP to eligible grade 'A' and 'B' officers who were promoted/appointed to the respective grades on or prior to 31/12/2012. During the discussions, the AINBOA underlined the reason, logic and the norms and practices based on which the association has been constantly raising this issue and which remains unresolved inspite of solemn assurances by the bank to favourably consider the issue for last 3 years. AINBOA underlined in details the legitimacy of the demand based on the facts and figures submitted to the bank vide its letter dated 17/05/2017 , a copy of which has been again e-mailed to HRMD on 26/10/2017 for ready reference. GM (HRMD) indicated that the matter is too old and officers are getting time bound promotion now, hence granting of APP may not be feasible. He also indicated further that once the promotion policy has been approved by the BoDs and it was put on nabnet for seeking comment/feedback , any further change will require BoDs approval and it may not be forthcoming. AINBOA responded to his statements as per the following-
A) The issue is being raised even before the very advent of the new policy , AINBOA has demanded APP to grades A , B and D ever since 2013 and it was one of the first agenda in the very first meeting held with the our present hon'ble chairman. Subsequent to this meeting , APP was granted and released to eligible grade 'D' officers and it was told to us that the matter of granting APP to grade 'A' and 'B' officers is under processing and it may take a little time as the number of eligible officers is too high compared to that of grade 'D' officers.
B) Subsequently the issue was repeatedly raised by AINBOA on all the available fora , including that during the discussions on settlement of charter and we were made to understand that bank is working on it and very soon a favorable decision will be arrived at. However, suddenly the bank has turned cold feet on the issue and then it was told to us 'that even RBI has not granted the APP to grade 'A' and 'B' officers. We indicated that our career progression policy , though guided by the career progression policy of RBI , has never been identical in Toto to that of RBI and as such bank may take an independent view on the issue. However, the bank chose to follow RBI on the issue.
C) Subsequently , RBI too has taken a decision to grant APP to grade 'A' and 'B' on the grounds of equitable justice and non-discrimination among officers and hence , either way , the grant of APP to officers in NABARD in grades 'A' and 'B' who were promoted/appointed to the respective grades on or prior to 31/12/2012 is fully legitimate and justifiable.
D) It was also pointed out by the AINBOA that the present promotion policy has no mention of APP , to be granted or not to be granted, and as such there is no question of seeking the approval of the BoDs for over-riding its own earlier decision. In fact if the bank has to approach the BoDs on the issue at all then it would be a fresh proposal, required to be implemented in the bank so as to correct the aberrations which have cropped-up in the transient phase of switching over from the earlier policy to the new and modified policy. Incidentally, AINBOA is not seeking APP to be introduced in the present policy set-up but is demanding the 'restoration' of APP to grade 'A' and 'B' officers on the lines of decision taken for grade 'D' officers in the bank for grant of APP.
We are thankfull that the bank has, after listening to our points of view has agreed to reconsider the issue and put it up to the top management for favourable consideration and revert back to AINBOA latest by 10/11/2017.
2. Compassionate Package : It was indicated by the HRMD that the bank and AINBOA are on the same page, as far as this issue is concerned and the issue is under active and favourable consideration of the bank so as to put in place a compassionate policy/package akin to that prevailing in our referral institution.
3. Pension related Issues :  Bank has agreed to favourably recommend the issue of 'full pension in 20 years of qualifying service' and to consider 'last pay drawan or average of pay , whichever is higher' while computing the pension to GoI for being implemented in NABARD. AINBOA, on its part, has indicated that once the matter is favourably reffered to the GoI , it will also persue the issue with GoI alongwith the bank.
4. PAR related issue : AINBOA pointed out that majority of the appeals submitted by the officers in grade A to C towards their PAR ratings have not been considered favourably. It was also pointed out that in many an instances even when the reporting officer and RCH have consented to moderate the ratings, based on the appeal submitted by an officer , the appellate authority has chosen to not to modify the ratings. CGM indicated that we agree that entire system of this rating based on KPA and the subjectivity which creeps in the system is a point of concern and this entire gamut of rating the officers on the basis of ill-defined KPA etc. needs to be revisited. AINBOA requests the bank to constitute a committee for suggesting streamlining of the system and AINBOA representative be taken on the committee.
5. CGM also indicated that most of our computer systems are being exposed external hazards, such as hacking etc. , primararily due to indiscriminate visits to sites which have no links with our business and professional requirements. He indicated that though the bank has desisted from initiating and action against such officers as of now , the same may not be the case in near future. AINBOA has requested the bank to issue a general letter of prudence before contemplating any action against the employees/officers. AINBOA on its part, will also issue an appeal to its membership to be very prudent in use of the official PCs.
Keeping in view the above developments and being a responsible representative body of the officers in NABARd , we have decided to 'put on hold' our organisational moves till 10/11/2017.
We hope to favourably hear from your goodself about the implementation of APP to eligible grade 'A' and 'B' officers very soon.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely,

Dr D S Chauhan

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